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Welcome to my blog,


My name is Ruberto Paulo, I am a Software Developer living in Sunny South Africa who is married to a beautiful teacher to be.

Recently i have been reflecting on what i have learnt over the last few years not only as a software developer, but as a human being in general. I think its time that i share some of the things i have learnt and some of the things i am currently learning. This is not just as a place to keep all the awesome bits and pieces, but as a place where people that share similar interests can come and bump brains.

I was fortunate to be one of those kids in the early 90’s who was interested with things technological, back then navigating the early DOS operating system and playing Wolfenstein was seen as super geeky thing. Today you are not a cool kid if you don’t have a X-Box or a Playstation.


The thing that excites me the most about the world is learning, i LOVE learning new things.. the thrill of developing a skill, whether it be a learning new musical instrument, a new programming language, a new sport, an amazing recipe or even just playing a new board game, these are things that get me up in the morning. The world is such a place of interest, there are currently 7 billion lifetimes worth of things to be learnt going on at the same time. Think about it, every person everywhere is learning new things, imagine a place where we could consolidate all that!


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The miracle that is the 21st century is the Internet, its a place where the world can consolidate all its collective knowledge, wisdom and cat pictures. It is probably one of the human races biggest achievements, but for me its also a way of creating something out of an idea. Have you ever fantasied about building your own Jarvis, robot or spaceship? Perhaps as a kid right? Or even if your like me you probably fantasise about that sort of stuff all the time. Now out of all the people that think that would be an amazing idea, a tiny percentage of them will actually go out and try do something about it.. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone was working towards making it better, if everyone helped one another become something more, help them make their ideas become reality. I think that would be an amazing place to be, and i truly believe that technology – the internet is a great tool to help us achieve that.


What i think this blog will be about more than just learning how to code, or how to be a productive developer, or even about what boardgames are cool. But i think it should be a place where people can try new things, learn a new skill or become a better human being than they where a week before. A friend of mine is reading some of Cal Newport’s articles and found this quote:

Flow is the opiate of the mediocre”

Its a powerful statement, mediocre people will just accept their place in life, they don’t want to feel the brain burn or body burn it takes to become better.

What i believe SpaceshipScience should embrace is that we are amazing things! Amazing in every way, that life should not be a time for us to sit down catching up with all the sitcoms of the world, but we should be actively participating in this great adventure, we should not be in the audience as spectators.


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Challenge yourself, surprise yourself and enjoy being yourself. Lets see where this goes 🙂

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